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Hey You, You're A Fool!

Yup, you read that right. Join us, the BYA, at our Third Annual Young Adult Retreat this summer from Thursday July 27th to Sunday July 30th. We will be learning how to become "Fools for Christ" all weekend long. You'll be a fool if you do, and a fool if you don't! We suggest you be foolish for the right reasons...*wink wink*

The weekend will feature our three S's: service, socializing, and spirituality.

The first day will be devoted to a service project during which we will prepare food for a local food bank under the diligent leadership of the Reverend Deacon Robert Cripps.

The second day will be solely devoted to fun! We will be taking a trip across the lake to Kelley's Island and retreatants will be free to roam the gem of Lake Erie all day long.

The third day will dive deep into the rich spirituality of the Eastern Catholic Church as we celebrate several liturgical services together while also listening to our retreat master, Reverend Father Thomas J Loya explain just how exactly we can become "Fools for Christ" in today's day and age.

We will wrap up our weekend with Divine Liturgy on Sunday followed by a brief brunch with Saint Mary's Parish family.

Below you will find more information about the retreat including the schedule and things to bring with you. Cost for registration is $100, but we are happy to offer some aid for those that may not be able to afford this fee. As the wise Dr Susan Gallagher, M.D. once said, "spiritual development is not a luxury for the wealthy," and we would like for everyone that wants to come to be able to join!

To register, send us an email at or just submit the form on the main page of our website at the bottom. Payment can be made via check or cash and will be accepted when you arrive on the grounds and register at the beginning of the retreat.

See you all there you fools!

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